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Maximize your Okta implementation

  • Gain full visibility to all SaaS apps, even those not connected to Okta.
  • Uncover your shadow IT.
  • View SaaS usage and cost in one place.
  • Optimize SaaS license usage, improve utilization, close unused SaaS apps.
  • Understand your Okta adoption and accelerate its implementation.

Torii is a SaaS management platform that automatically discovers all your organization’s SaaS usage and costs.

New Okta customers

Faster Okta implementation
Faster Okta implementation - Torii gives instant visibility to all SaaS apps being used, giving IT the means to decide which SaaS applications to connect to Okta. Uncover your shadow IT, get everything connected to Okta.
Migrate away from a different SSO
Migrate away from a different SSO - Are you using a different SSO solution at the moment? Torii gives an instant view of what's currently connected to your existing SSO solution and helps you with the migration effort.

Existing Okta customers

Discover anomalies
Discover anomalies - Find users that are active on G-Suite/Azure-AD but don't have an account on Okta and vice versa.
Save money
Save money - Get a unified view of the number of times employees use Okta to login and to which services. Easily find unused licenses, helping IT save money.
Improve SaaS security
Improve SaaS security - Make sure new SaaS apps can be connected to Okta using SAML. Receive alerts from Torii every time someone starts to use a new SaaS application, giving IT the ability to identify whether the new app supports SAML before the organization adopts it.
Measure Okta adoption success
Measure Okta adoption success - Track the number of total apps connected to Okta over time.
Connect on-premise apps to Okta
Connect on-premise apps to Okta - Torii also gives visibility to your on-premise web apps, helping you connect SAML-supported on-premise apps to Okta.

Gain full visibility of all SaaS being used, known and unknown. Start managing your SaaS.

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