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Founded: 2012
Industry: SaaS B2B / Project management
Customers: 30,000 +

Ouriel Weisz, Head of Operations
“This product’s return on investment is incredible, Torii is something that’s needed, especially in an environment like ours, but also for any organization.”

Ouriel Weisz, Head of Operations


  • Torii became an integral part of daily processes within the company.
  • Maintaining responsibility of compliance among SaaS apps became easier.
  • Employees feel more accountable for the SaaS apps they choose to use.

About the Company

  • was founded in 2012, and today works with 34,000+ different organizations.
  • Project management platform that transforms the way teams work together.
  • In their offices, transparency is essential- even the office walls are made of glass.

Challenges is growing very quickly, with new employees joining constantly- Its employees are always looking for new tools to customize and advance their workspace. aims to give them this freedom, but as a result, faces two major challenges:

  • Staying in control of expenses, security and compliance.
  • Promoting accountability in a decentralized environment.
“Torii empowers some of our core values for transparency and accountability in the company.”

When an employee wants to use a certain tool, will do anything in its power to make the tool implementation process as smooth as possible. They give the managers access to a credit card, and in this way, the review process of the tools starts the same time the employee starts to use it. Before Torii, there was limited visibility of how much employees were using a specific service, who is using what service, or what alternative tools are out there. Torii also helps shed some light on “Shadow IT” within so that every system in use is formally mapped.

“Torii enables us to be diligent and perform this process with minimal interference to the workflow, in a clear and user-friendly manner.”

In addition to onboarding, offboarding was also problematic as it was challenging to track all the systems which the leaving employee has gained access to throughout the years, in order to revoke his access. If an employee left the company, IT had to manually attempt to track down this information.

How Torii Helped

SaaS Visibility and Vendor Management
SaaS Visibility and Vendor Management
GDPR Compliance
GDPR Compliance
Employee SaaS Engagement
Employee SaaS Engagement

SaaS Visibility and Vendor Management

Torii dramatically shifted’s approach to SaaS from a reactive to a proactive approach. now has constant visibility of all SaaS used by the employees, at the tip of their fingers.

“Nowadays, when I negotiate a contract with a vendor, I use Torii to have all the relevant data in front of my eyes - how much have we paid so far, how much do we use the tool and our projected usage for the future.”
“Torii is something that’s needed, especially in an environment like ours, but also for any organization.”

Now, one single page displays’s expenses, trends and usage data. Torii made the process of reviewing and approving SaaS spendings straightforward and intuitive, exposing the spendings to the relevant app owners, and thus leading to the realization that the previous process must be updated. It was time to say goodbye to the giant expense spreadsheets, and say hello to Torii’s clean visual display.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance and user privacy are crucial for’s IT. Staying GDPR compliant goes way beyond your first mapping of tools- GDPR compliance means an ongoing review of the new tools that are being introduced every day.

In order to be compliant you must continue the process of understanding which personal identified information is being sent, whether DPA has been signed, and more. Torii keeps updated all the time, making sure that all of their external software stays GDPR compliant throughout the year.

Employee SaaS Engagement

Torii’s effect on even goes way beyond the IT department. Now employees can freely implement almost any SaaS app, and IT gets updates in real time that show the new tools that are utilized within the company, making an even more agile organization than they were before. This has helped stay in control while keeping their IT motto: “We want our employees to feel free to use any SaaS tool that increases their productivity.” and its employees also gained visibility of duplication of tools that serve the same purpose. Now, when an employee wants to implement a specific tool, they can check Torii first to see if that tool or similar tools are already subscribed to by another employee within

As new software pops up every day, and employees are always joining, offboarding, and onboarding, Torii’s platform has become an integral tool for

“Today, we have more than 300 tools being used, several dozens of them being paid tools. Whenever I’m opening a contract for negotiation, or taking decisions in updating plans, the first place I’m going is Torii.”
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