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Torii automates the discovery, spend optimization, operations and compliance of SaaS applications in your organization.

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Complete Visibility to Manage SaaS Sprawl

Up-to-date picture of your company’s SaaS use that includes previously undiscoverable applications. So you can be confident that nothing has fallen through the cracks and can make intelligence-driven decisions for your business.

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Better SaaS Spend Optimization with Real-time Alerts

We map, track and automatically optimize your software spend by connecting to identity management systems, ERPs, HR systems, finance and expenses software. Our automated spend insights, renewal calendars and threshold alerts help you reduce the costs from Day 1.

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Reduce Risk and Save Time with Powerful, No Code Workflows

Automation is at the heart of Torii. Our drag-and-drop workflow builder enables you to create the most advanced, fully automated workflows for your internal processes. Easily manage your licenses, contracts, app access, employee lifecycle and compliance.

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Torii gives you insights and alerts on critical events as they happen.
  • AppsFlyer

    As a company, we work with a wide variety of apps. We needed to take better charge of the whole application stack. Torii played a huge role when our budget came around at the end of December.

    Mark Samuelson, Head of SaaS operations Mark Samuelson, Head of SaaS operations
  • Rock Content
    Rock Content

    Torii transformed our employee onboarding and offboarding. We've reduced IT hours spent on offboarding by 75% and it played a vital role in a successful SOC2 audit.

    João Dobbin, Manager of Business Enablement João Dobbin, Manager of Business Enablement
  • Pipedrive

    When Torii surfaced that there are more than 600 applications being used, it was much easier for IT to start building the right process for SaaS management

    Maarika Raudmäe, Head of Internal Tools Maarika Raudmäe, Head of Internal Tools

    Torii enables us to be diligent and perform this process with minimal interference to the workflow, in a clear and user-friendly manner.

    Ouriel Weisz, Head of Operations Ouriel Weisz, Head of Operations
  • Stash

    The savings on unused services and licenses makes our Torii subscription incredibly beneficial, not to mention the 200+ IT working hours that Torii has saved us.

    Brian McCarthy, IT Manager, STASH Brian McCarthy, IT Manager, STASH
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Automatically build a single system of record for your SaaS data by integrating the tools you already use.

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